What is Michigan’s Catch and Cook Program?

What is Michigan’s Catch and Cook Program?

Michigan's Catch and Cook Program Have you heard of “farm-to-table?” It’s a social movement promoting locally grown food to be used in local restaurants and school cafeterias. The idea is that the food doesn’t have to travel far from its source– so it’s fresher and, ideally, more healthy. Well what about fishing? Is there anything similar? How about the Michigan Catch & Cook program?

Michigan’s Great Lakes are an ample source of fish. When charter boats take people out on Lake Michigan, for instance, and they catch fish, wouldn’t it be nice to get back on land and have a place that’ll cook up those fish for the freshest of fresh dinners? That’s exactly what the Catch & Cook program makes possible.

The Cook and Catch Program

Launched in 2012, the Michigan Catch & Cook program essentially allows charter fishing clients to take their catch to a participating area restaurant where it’ll be prepared for them to eat. This is an effort on behalf of many entities to promote and encourage creative/safe marketing of Michigan Great Lakes sports fish, bringing together the area’s charter fishing industry and local restaurants. It’s a smart idea, right?

Tab’s Sportfishing Charters participates in the Catch & Cook program. So, when Captain Ron Tabiadon takes you fishing and you catch salmon and/or trout, know that you can eat it nicely prepared for you at a nearby restaurant in Grand Haven.

Captain Ron’s boat is docked at the Grand Isle Marina in Slip 28A. Morning and evening trips are available 7 days a week. Meanwhile, Grand Haven, which has a population of about 10,000 people and is part of the Grand Rapids metropolitan area (home to a million people!), has plenty of things to see and do, so you can check out this website for more information.

There’s nothing else quite like eating the fish YOU caught. It’s a feeling of accomplishment, for sure, and it’s possible thanks to Tab’s Sportfishing Charters and the Michigan Catch & Cook program.

For more information about Catch & Cook, please visit here.


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