The Health Benefits of Fishing

The Health Benefits of Fishing

Health Benefits of Fishing Tab’s Sportfishing Charters takes both beginners and experienced fishermen out on Lake Michigan to catch Chinook Salmon, Coho Salmon, Rainbow Trout, Lake Trout and Brown Trout.

What are some of the health benefits of fishing?


For starters, fishing uses all sorts of body parts, including the shoulders, back, arms, core and legs. Fishing is good exercise. In some cases, it takes several muscles and overall strength to reel in certain fish, so the more you fish, the more you give your body a total workout.

Group Bonding

Next, fishing is a good bonding activity, bringing people together– this can include families and friends. For those who have a hard time bonding with a son or daughter, perhaps fishing is one of the few activities you can both agree upon– and that can help strengthen your relationship. Fishing connects people.

Stress Reducer

Do you need some relaxation? While fishing can be intense when you’ve got one on the line and are trying to reel it in, using your muscles, there’s also plenty of “downtime” where you can just relax. Many fishermen like fishing because it takes away their stress. They like the “peace and quiet” that some fishing days bring. Fishing is kind of like a form of meditation. It helps lower blood pressure and decreases anxiety.

Vitamin D Source

Anytime you’re out in the sun, your body is making Vitamin D. This helps your body regulate the absorption of two key minerals– calcium and phosphorus; this process helps improve your immune system function and protect you from disease.

Life Lessons

Fishing is also good for teaching “self-reliance.” It’s a great sense of accomplishment when you catch a fish that you could conceivably eat… we all need food to live, and catching fish is, for some, the main way they find and get food to nourish their bodies. Meanwhile, fishing helps teach patience, since it often takes time to catch fish. The more patient you are, the calmer and more content you’ll be.

New Experiences

Finally, fishing encourages a person to travel. Rather than stay in one spot, fishing involves searching for “the right spot” where you’ll catch a bunch– and that means travelling to various bodies of water, including Lake Michigan. Travel stimulates the mind and gets people out of their comfort zones. And fishing is done outside, in “the great outdoors,” so it’s good for people to experience fresh air, the wind on their skin, sunshine, sounds of nature and more.

Want a healthier lifestyle? Do more fishing!

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