Salmon Fishing on Lake Michigan

Enjoy a day of Chinook salmon fishing on Lake Michigan with Tab’s Sportfishing Charters. We will take you to plentiful waters where salmon are known to gather in large schools, giving you the best chance of catching a prized fish.

With Tab’s, you’ll see many different types of salmon in Lake Michigan and have an opportunity to hook many large trophy catches that you can take home. Whether you are an experienced angler or you are just learning about salmon fishing, you can take the reel and bring your catch aboard. If you are new to lake fishing, our crew will give you helpful instruction on the ins and outs of salmon fishing in Lake Michigan to help you learn the skills needed to bring in your fish.

Lake Michigan is home to many different types of salmon, including Chinook Salmon – also known as King Salmon – Coho or silver salmon, pink salmon and even Atlantic salmon. Lake Michigan salmon fishing is one of the state’s greatest attractions. Whether you are angling for Chinook salmon or Coho Salmon or are baiting for pink or Atlantic salmon, you’ll enjoy a beautiful day on the water and many exciting fishing battles. Salmon fishing is a challenging and rewarding sport, and there is no better place for salmon fishing trips than the bright blue waters of Lake Michigan.

Try your hand at Lake Michigan salmon fishing today. Reserve your spot today and bring your family or friends to Grand Haven for a day or afternoon of salmon fishing on Lake Michigan with Tab’s Sportfishing Charters. To book a trip, call us at 616-846-8945.