Reasons Why You May Not Be Catching Fish

Reasons Why You May Not Be Catching Fish

Fishing Fishing can be a challenge. Some days you might catch plenty, while others you barely get a nibble… if that! What are some reasons you might not be catching fish?

Weather Issues

Maybe it’s an “extreme weather day” and because of that, the fish just aren’t biting. When cold fronts move through a region, it’s not unusual to catch less fish… that said, if it’s a particularly chilly day, try fishing deeper, slower and with smaller lures.  The other extreme– particularly hot days– can mean fish aren’t in a biting mood; when that happens, it’s best to fish early in the morning or toward dusk, when the weather is cooler than it is at midday.

How about wind? Wind can help or hurt your fishing game. On very windy days, it can be hard to fish because you’re more preoccupied with your boat and the waves around it. In some cases, wind might actually aid you by pushing your boat into new areas quietly enough that you sneak up on fish. It can also help position baitfish. Now if there’s no wind, at all, try using finesse lures and/or topwater plugs.

Crowded Water

Here’s a problem: too much boat traffic. Fish are like people– they like to get away from crowded areas, too. Well, most fish, anyway– bass kind of like the heavily trafficked areas.

Wrong Lure

Oftentimes, you’re not catching fish because you don’t have the right lure. If you’ve been using one lure for a while and aren’t seeing results, switch to something different until you get good results. Similarly, if you’ve been fishing in one spot for a while and nothing’s happening, try moving to a new area.

How a Guide Can Improve Your Success Rates

Tab’s Sportfishing Charters out of Grand Haven, Michigan, helps people find and catch fish on Lake Michigan. So, if you’re having trouble catching fish and could use the expertise and help of Captain Tab and his crew on a guided trip, call and set up your adventure at 616-846-8945. Salmon and trout are just waiting for you to catch them, if you know where to go, when to go, and what bait/lures to use! Captain Tab would love to guide your next fishing trip.

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