How Weather Can Affect Your Next Fishing Outing

How Weather Can Affect Your Next Fishing Outing

Weather and Fishing in Michigan There are many factors that could impact a fishing trip. The type of equipment that you use, the location that you pick, and the bait that you put on the end of your line can all make or break a trip and impact the number of fish you bring on board your boat.

How Weather Affects Fishing

Nevertheless, one of, if not the most important factor of all, is weather. Even though fish obviously spend their time under water, they can sense things like pressure changes in the air and passing fronts. They’re actually very sensitive to these things and can be greatly affected by them.

For example, fish will typically become a lot more active when they sense that a cold front is going to be coming to their area soon. They can detect the change in pressure associated with a cold front and respond accordingly. This will often lead to favorable fishing for you since there will be more fish out and about to catch.

However, as a cold front hits an area, the fishing conditions will deteriorate quickly. What’s more, it’ll continue to get worse and worse as the front passes through. The high pressure that often accompanies cold fronts will cause fish to become lethargic in the water. They will steer clear of the surface and wait until better conditions to feed.

Plenty of other weather patterns can affect fish, too. Warm fronts, for instance, will usually lead to better fishing conditions, while rainy weather will also make for good fishing. Rain brings fish to the surface and makes it easier for fishermen to catch them in the process.

If you aren’t familiar with using the weather to your advantage when you fish, work with a fishing guide who knows exactly how fish are affected by the conditions. Tab’s Sportfishing Charters can provide you with a guide who will show you how to use the weather to your benefit. Call us at 616-846-8945 today to arrange a guided fishing tour.


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